Welcome to Fusion Art Bar and Tapas. This dining space is the result of an artistic passion meeting with a love of great food and perfect wines.

In the middle of 2016 the opportunity came up for me to lease the room next door to my gallery, UnderArt, finally providing me with the chance to ‘fuse’ together my dream of a seamless interaction between art, food, and wine. With the encouragement and support of my daughter Bobbie and husband Johnny, we created Fusion Art Bar & Tapas. 

To bring our restaurant  to life we worked hard – we renovated, we scoured antique and second hand stores where we purchased character furniture, some of it dating back as far as 1910, which we then stripped, varnished, reupholstered or painted.

All of our dining tables are our own handmade creations, most notably our resin table with the original Dodge Brothers timber wheel in a thick mango slab, our old motorbike cogs table, and of course the famous ‘legs’ table. Our signature print which you see in the blue fabric of our chairs is from a local artwork titled ‘Blue Heart’. Along the way, we cried, we laughed, we were frustrated and excited together. Slowly but surely we created Fusion Art Bar.

It would have been so much faster, easier and more cost-effective to have everything made by a supplier, however, as an artist, I wanted something unique, something that could provide a welcoming ambience, perhaps provoke a conversation and bring the tapas dining experience to life in a new way.

The space is ever-changing as we add new menu items and the artwork that adorns the walls is sold and replaced with new pieces. Fusion Art Bar supports local artists, and I consider winemakers and chefs to be artisans in their own right. In fact food, wine, and art is what I consider to be the perfect threesome. 

Thank you for visiting

iefje Boissevain